LashDreamer was founded on the idea that every client deserves to be picky when it comes to trusting a professional with something as delicate and important as her beauty - especially her face.

We’ve all heard horror stories. You probably have, too! We have heard stories of women who simply found an eyelash extension service via an Internet search, made an appointment with the first spa they found that offered an affordable rate, and took the somewhat intimidating risk of trusting another person to treat her eyelashes with care and respect.

But then that woman awoke to find a catastrophe - one that she had to deal with, one way or another afterward. We have personally heard clients tell us about eyelashes that didn’t suit their features at all, eyelashes that started to fall out in random chunks within just a couple days, or the absolute worst of the worst: customers who developed infections in their eyes as a result of sub-par health and safety standards.

These are violations we simply refuse to abide. So we set out to provide the best eyelash extension service in Boston.



We don’t want another woman to have to wake up expecting a luxurious fan of eyelashes and find a living nightmare instead. Every woman deserves to feel amazing in her own skin, and that confidence begins with the eyes. It’s the first point of contact in every interaction throughout the day: eye contact. You should feel excited about the opportunity to connect with other people, and that’s why we do what we do.



Thank You!

Offer discount on our premium service is Lash Dreamer’s way of saying 

Thank you to our beloved and loyal customer.


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Education is of the utmost importance to us when it comes to staffing caring, knowledgeable professionals. We regularly train and education our staff members, keeping everyone updated on the best ways to provide our quality luxury services, and the best practices to uphold our unforgiving demand for health and safety standards.


We love what we do, and we love every single opportunity we get to help a customer look and feel amazing. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a customer’s thrilled expression when she sees her new eyelashes!


We would love to provide our services to you, too! Contact us today, and find out which of our services is best for you.

Lashs nap with confidence

At LashDreamer, we aim to deliver the most remarkable, safest, hygienic and reliable eyelash extension application that will definitely open the “windows of your soul”. We believe in offering an eyelash extension service that not only adds a wow factor to your eyes but also boosts your confidence.


Eyes are definitely the very first point of contact so make sure you leave a great impression. Our specifically customized services will absolutely enhance your lifestyle and highlight your beauty’s features. Come and enjoy the luxury!

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